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Founder & Owner

Himmih stands for feminism, elegance and bohemian chic. Gathering the world in every garment, by the fabrics from different continents and being handmade in another continent, himmih for connection between all mankind.

Sending this message out into the world through fashion that is being worn by women, Carrying the world, we all live in together, into her fabrics and letting her pieces being worn by the ones that pass life on: women, is an outstanding way of showing the world how the world is supposed to be: One. Wearing himmih only make you look and feel beautiful and feminine on a maximum level. It connects you with the world around you as a civilian and with the goddess in you as a woman.

“Daydreaming can take you anywhere, all you need is imagination and a perfect look.”

hanan himmi

Founder & Personal Trainer




East and West are often being opposed to each other as if they were two complete opposites. Yet, the cultures have been intertwined for centuries and the boundaries are often impossible to define. In big cities, East and West get more and more blended and we are the representatives of this global process. We are all a bold mix of influences, we don’t have to choose. We have the luxury of being able to curate our habits and lifestyles, shape our tastes and preferences.

When you travel to far-off destinations, you usually open your mind and absorb, soak up, learn. You meet new people and bring back memories, souvenirs, spices and recipes, new philosophical concepts that later become lifestyle trends. So why not do the same on a local level, why not custom-make your own inclusive cultural identity. Why not create an inclusive society of global opportunities.



Himmih brings exclusive product for an inclusive society. A product that allows you to make a strong statement of individuality and character without losing the sense of togetherness. The founder and owner Hanan Himmi creates designs where her Moroccan background is projected onto modern wearable shapes: beautifully embellished eveningwear, feminine flowy dresses and trans-seasonal statement coats for an effortless city look. Every collection is an eclectic mix of handpicked fabrics and trimmings, vibrant colors and rich textures, unique embroideries and accessories.


This seasonless collection is a range of curated emotions for traveling minds, inspired by the mountainous landscape and fascinating views of Chefchaouen. You don’t need to move to be able to travel. Daydreaming can take you anywhere, all you need is imagination and a perfect look.

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